LOC Counter

LOC Counter 2.3

Customize counting standard to suit your own environment
2.3.1 (See all)

Microsoft Line of Code Counter connects to VSTF, VSS, or file system, counts LOC as per a counting standard defined by the user.
- Get Latest LOC Count and Code Churn by connecting to source repository such as VSTF, VSS , and File System
- 16 types of count (latest, Code churn with dates, labels, changesets, etc.,)
- Customize counting standard to suit your own environment - Add, remove programming languages, set inclusion/exclusion rules
- Report results by File, Folder, Language, Excluded LOC, and more
- Predict System Defect Density by applying Microsoft Research on the Code churn data
- Support for Personal Software Process(SM) / Team Software Process(SM) object level code churn
- Install either as Windows (XP/Vista, 32bit/64bit) Application or as an add-in to Visual Studio 2005 IDE
- Save source code selections of a task and run them repeatedly
- Export results to Excel or PDF

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